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Vitis – Huge Debugging Varieties - WEBINAR

As the Vitis is a Unified Platform Development there exist various Flows and Platforms supported with FPGAs SoC/MPSoC and ACAPs. For the Software Development the Debug support is essential and challenging finding the appropriate best way of debugging.
In this websession you'll get a better understanding of Debug capabilities, how they can be used and in which context. Two essential tools are provided with the Vitis framework: The GDB and the System Debugger but software debuggers provides no view into customizable hardware like accelerators or programmable logic blocks. Options like cross-triggering, co-debugging and adding debug cores to the design are available for the developer. With a look under the cover of AMD and ARM platforms, the Vitis tools and debug execution modes you can improve your skills.



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Anwendbare Technologien

  • Acceleration and AI
  • Vitis unified software environment
  • Vitis AI Development Environment
  • Vitis unified software platform


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