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With the Versal Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) Xilinx introduces devices with a special AI Engine unit. The AI Engine offers high performance, low latency capabilities for advanced data processing.

This course headstarts algorithm programmers to deploy C/C++ kernels on Versal AI Engine. Starting off the basic elements of the Versal AI Engine, it’s processing units and interfaces, the connections of datapath and the memory hierarchy in the regular grid of the AIE tiles are presented.

The AI Engine is set up with the Vitis toolchain to run acceleration functions written in C/C++ code. The handling of the tools including debugging capabilities and analysis features are introduced along according examples and labs.

Upon understanding of basic kernel programming, the concept of dataflow graphs is presented to connect multiple kernels and shows the capabilities of the Versal AI Engines. Such a setup is derived from a C/C++ graph description in a lab session on the emulator.

The theoretical content is supplemented by exercises carried out by the participant.

Duration: 2 mornings of 4 hours each

Times:    9.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m.    Lecture part 1

              11.00 a.m. - 11.15 a.m.  15 minute break

              11.15 a.m. - 1.15 p.m.    Lecture part 2

Exercises: self paced by the participants. Estimated time for completion appr. 2-3 hours. At the end of a lecture, the exercises to be performed by participants are discussed. The results / sample solutions are presented by the trainer the next day.

After registration: the participant receives the presentation documents in electronic form (PDF) as well as the workbook for the exercises, the login data and a list of 
requirements to be done in advanced.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the Versal™ ACAP architecture at a high level
  • Introduce the various engines in the Versal ACP device
  • Describe the architecture of the AI Engine
  • Understanding of the full application acceleration flow with the Vitis™ tool
  • Program AI Engine kernels using the Vitis IDE tool


  • Overview of the Versal ACAP Architecture
  • Introduction to the Versal AI Engine Architecture
  • Vitis Tool Flow for Versal ACAP and AI Engine
  • Application Partitioning on Versal ACAPs
  • Data Types and Intrinsic Functions
  • Data Movement
  • Vitis Analyzer
  • The Programming Model: Single Kernel
  • The Programming Model: Multiple Kernels Data Flow Graph


  • Versal Engine Toolflow
  • Single Kernel
  • Multiple Kernels Using Graphs

Anwendbare Technologien

  • Versal ACAP Family, esp. AI Core Devices


  • Softwareentwicklungsabläufe
  • Grundlegende Kenntnisse der Programmiersprache C/C++
  • Vitis-Software zur Beschleunigung des Entwicklungsablaufs von Anwendungen


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