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Migrate to Real-Time OS: Hands-On System Development

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Software development is a very dynamic process and after the initial project planning things are running smoothly in high-loop model until the first timing or scheduling problem appears. This problem exists in every other project and it could be due to a lack of detailed planning or by a continuous growth in feature set. It is now up to the development teams to fix the problem from the root or keep struggling with high-loop structure and make steady progress to meet milestones.
Code development with a High-loop structure is a single process along with some ISRs, which must pay attention to many inputs on and process in one cycle. Normally one process or IO behaves unexpectedly on a path and the whole system behaves differently. Also adding additional features in this code is a very challenging task, as a complete code must be validated once again. Sometimes this problem is due to external factors where maybe the cloud endpoint decided that the standard way of sending data is not secure and they want to implement a new standard. It’s time to think if you want continue to handle issues every day or sit down and re-plan firmware based on a pre-qualified scheduler, where each feature is handled by independent processes/loops. Using an RTOS for a very simple project might sound like an overkill but in the long run, this decision will prove beneficial. Shifting to a reliable scheduler will give you better performance and results.
This training will introduce you to concepts for using FreeRTOS features and will show you that, how with minimum effort, a high-loop structure is adopted for RTOS.

Anwendbare Technologien

  • ZYNQ-7000 SoC, ZYNQ UltraScale+ MPSoC


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