Accelerating OpenCV Functions with Vivado HLS

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Embedded Vision systems are ubiquitous being deployed in applications from the Should be Internet of Things (IOT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to Industrial, Medical and Scientific (ISM), Automotive and Vision Guided Robotics.
Often these systems are deployed at the edge, in applications that require highly deterministic solutions with very low latency. These applications also require power efficient and secure solution. For this reason, applications are increasingly using heterogeneous System on Chips which combine ARM processing cores with programmable logic. This enables the creation of image processing pipelines within the Programmable Logic, providing a more responsive solution.
By the completion of the course it is expected attendees will be able to create embedded vision and solutions effectively using HLS and OpenCV functions provided from the reVISION library. The course will cover the basics of OpenCV, introduce FPGA & heterogeneous SoC architectures before examining the HLS, the creation of IP functions and Test Benching of image processing applications. The course will also demonstrate the creation of image processing platforms in Vivado and the inclusion of the IP cores created using HLS and OpenCV.

Anwendbare Technologien

  • MPSOC devices the Accelerate your EV solution with reVISION course may also be appropriate
  • the Seven Series, UltraScale and UltraScale+ range


  • Experience of FPGA development using the Vivado toolset and Vivado HLS, understanding of OpenCV would also be an advantage.


10.12.2020 | Frankfurt
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11.03.2021 | München
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24.06.2021 | Berlin
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23.09.2021 | Freiburg
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09.12.2021 | Frankfurt
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Michael Schwarz

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