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Embedded C++ Developer


PLC2 Design with its main office in Endingen a. K., is a midsize company with focus on custom developments and development of own solutions for various fields, like automotive, avionic and industry. Within this context we develop full solutions, from concept and specification, to FPGA logic design with VHDL and HLS, up to OS selection and building and SW application and until the lifecycle management and release management including the production planning. Due to our continued growth, customer demands and upcoming national and international research opportunities we are currently looking for a qualified developer available on short notice for an opportunity located in Frankfurt / Main and Endingen a. K., Germany.

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Want to join us? We want to meet you.

Please send your CV and a short (<1 page) motivation letter via email to jobs@plc2.de


  • Software development in C/C++ for embedded Linux systems
  • Design, code and integrate software for embedded Linux distributions
  • Develop and maintain software for tests and tools
  • Configure, modify and adapt Linux drivers for different modules
  • Write and contribute to technical documentation such as data sheets and user guides
  • Support on production test system development and validation of systems

A great C++ developer at PLC2 Design can’t be defined. Due to the fact that everyone is different there is more than one way to get the work done. But to be successful in this role, we have this kind of profile in mind:

  • Bachelor or Master university degree in computer science, telecommunications or electrical engineering with focus on software development
  • Excellent knowledge in C/C++
  • Good knowledge in parallel programming 
  • Good knowledge in data structures
  • Good knowledge in IP networking
  • Good knowledge of Linux kernel and device-driver development
  • Good knowledge of Python, shell scripting
  • Good knowledge of Git
  • Experience in developing embedded systems
  • Self-motivated, team-oriented and organized


  • Knowledge about GCC, Make and Yocto is an advantage
  • Knowledge about U-boot is an advantage
  • Knowledge about camera technology, protocols and FPGAs is an advantage
  • Knowledge about ROS/ROS2 (www.ros.org) is an advantage


  • Individual on-the-job training
  • Continuing education through PLC2 Training catalog
  • Participation in field related conferences


We want to meet you.

Please send your CV and a short (<1 page) motivation letter via email to jobs@plc2.de


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