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Our training courses - Knowledge imparted competently

Workshop & Seminar program 2022

Each of our training courses has a clear goal: To impart knowledge competently. We carry out this goal, on the one hand, with a wide range of offerings, and on the other hand, with very customized support during the training courses.

Our E-Team experts follow a learning guide, they always focus on the individual strengths and needs of the participants. They focus on technical content and refrain from marketing aspects. Very important for us is: The knowledge we provide is always up to date with the respective technology. We train you in various areas involving embedded systems (among others): Easy Start, FPGA, DSP, Languages, Connectivity, Embedded, Verification, Image Processing, Technology.

Our experts will be at your side in more than 80 highly customised and specifically designed training courses. Every year, we teach more than 1,100 engineers, technicians, managing directors, buyers, project managers, developers and administrative staff at various locations in Germany or in-house. Our customers include hundreds of companies – mainly from Germany, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. We offer participants from the automotive, electronics, aerospace, military, medical, communication or IoT sectors a wide range of training in Xilinx technologies and hardware description languages. Besides our Face-to-Face trainings PLC2 offers also online trainings and webinars.

The length of the training is based on the trained content: You or your staff can attend a free one-day seminar, a two- /three-day workshop, or a five-day power workshop. Customer-specific training can also run over a period of several months. The PLC2 long-term training is an additional chance to get further education.

Easy Start

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DSP & Image Processing

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Online Training

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In-service training

PLC2 give further training for engineers and technicians.  Our structured trainingprogram provides the Know-how for the entire development process.

You can choose between two certified trainings:

  • FPGA-Designer
  • FPGA-Designer/Embedded

If you are interested, please contact us. We are pleased to give you further Information. 

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