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Professional PCI Express

Frankfurt / Freiburg

The availability of the new FPGA platforms enables effective PCIe Express (PCIe) solutions especially when taking advantage of the built-in IP blocks. The workshop starts introducing common terms and definitions before detailed information about the protocol and data packet construction is given. This way, the participant is skilled for implementing custom applications.
Special attention is paid to the AXI interface constituting the link between the PCIe Block and the user application part of the design. The relevant signals along with their meaning are discussed in a detailed fashion. During the course, the target technology is Kintex UltraScale. However, the basic idea of the skills learnt applies to other architectures too.
This course teaches detailed protocol information and gives information about PCB design and details of the XILINX PCIe Hard-IP.
To deepen the understanding of PCIe implementation this course will include an intensive hands-on session. After the basic elements of PCIe have been explained by using simulations, the PCIe driver development will be explained and practised.
This hands-on session will make it much easier to directly start with the development of PCIe systems using XILINX PCIe IP cores.

usable technology

UltraScale architectures

Versal ACAP


Basic knowledge on VHDL implementation

Basic knowledge of FPGA technology

Basic knowledge of XILINX Design Tool Flow


03.08.2020 in Frankfurt
09.11.2020 in Freiburg

Duration and Cost

Duartion in days: 5Costs:: € 3.100,00 netto per participant incl. documents


Michael Schwarz

Michael Schwarz

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