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Professional FPGA Design Techniques

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For the successful implementation of the digital circuits in the FPGA, the strong knowledge of the digital circuit’s basics is mandatory. The HDL based developing method simplifies the developing cycle but for that developer must have the good knowledge of digital circuit design. Although most of developer basically knows the digital components like combinational and sequential and there usage but some of their knowledge got lost due to time or some developer have not learned e.g. that’s the fact when software programmer has to develop FPGA’S without special previous knowledge.
The 5-days workshop “Professional FPGA Design Techniques” is an advanced training to the workshop “Compact FPGA Design Techniques” which thoroughly educate the FPGA designer to implement the complex digital circuits within the FPGA.
After the review of combinational and sequential circuits as well as the implementation of arithmetic operations the design of combinational circuits will be discuss briefly in the chapter “Design of digital combinatorial systems”. In the next chapter “Design of digital sequential circuits” basic principal of sequential systems and the design of typical sequential circuits will be presented.
The final chapter “XILINX FPGAs as platform for the implementation of digital systems” will focus on the implementation of digital circuits on XILINX FPGA’s. In this chapter we will also see how to avoid the mistakes which can be introduced during digital circuits implementation.

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01.04.2019 in Freiburg
01.07.2019 in Freiburg
25.11.2019 in Freiburg

Duration and Cost

Duartion in days: 5Costs:: € 3.100,00 netto per participant incl. documents


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