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Expert FPGA Design Techniques

The hardware description language VHDL in conjunction with an FPGA allows complex circuits to be developed and verified in a minimum amount of time. The PowerWorkshop “Expert FPGA Design Techniques” is based on the “learning by doing” approach and illustrates VHDL based FPGA development through design examples. The accomplished designs vary in complexity from simple ones (such as e.g. a debouncer or rotary encoder) through more specific circuits (like a binary to BCD converter) to complex projects (like UART-, PS2- or ADC-interfaces). All design examples discussed, will be implemented by the attendee and get physically tested on a Spartan-3 evaluation board, like for example NEXYS2 (Digilent).
This PowerWorkshop’s focus is the development of hardware structures as opposed to VHDL syntax. Rather than a detailed analysis of VHDL syntax examples, this class only takes advantage of the synthesizable language subset. Templates and example solutions serve as starting points. Since emphasis is made on hardware design, test benches required for simulation are only discussed to the necessary extent.

usable technology

All kind of FPGA technologies


Basic knowledge in VHDL

Basic knowledge in digital design techniques

Basic knowledge of XILINX Design Tool Flow


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Duration and Cost

Duartion in days: 5Costs:: € 3.100,00 netto per participant incl. documents


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Michael Schwarz

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