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Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project

In more and more FPGA/SoC systems Linux is used as the operating system of choice. Hardware developers are nowadays required to adapt and create a custom Linux system to meet the system specifications. Creating a Linux system from scratch can be a time consuming task. In the past developers often used the top down approach, where they used an already available Linux system and removed parts they did not need and added new functionality. This approach has the disadvantage that the designer never really can be sure about the content of the image which could lead into licensing issues. This has changed with the introduction of the Yocto Project build system, which allows you to easily create your customized Linux system from the ground up. This way we always now what components are included in the final image. The Yocto Project layer model allows us to easily compile a Linux system for different hardware platforms, and makes it simple to integrate image components of third party sources. In this training participants will learn how to design a Linux system using the Yocto Project tools. A Xilinx Zynq based development board is used as the hardware platform for this training. It will be discusses how board support packages and meta-layers are structured and included into the Yocto Project build. After the training attendees are able to design custom Linux Systems with the Yocto Project tool chain.

Applicable technologies

  • Processor based embedded Linux systems like XILINX ZYNQ and others.


  • Attendees must know the design and system components of an embedded Linux system. Knowledge how it is discussed in the training “Compact Embedded Linux” is mandatory.


30.03.2023 | Frankfurt
22.06.2023 | Munich

Duration & Fee

Duration: 2 days

Fee: 1,500.00 €
net per person including detailed training material, beverages during breaks and lunch


Michael Schwarz

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