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Easy Start FPGA Vivado

The workshop ”Easy Start FPGA Vivado“ covers the basic approach to the FPGA development cycle. It teaches the participant everything that is necessary to get started.
In this workshop, the XILINX design tool Vivado will be used. After a short introduction to the FPGA design techniques and the process of development, this class concentrates on synthesis/ simulation, circuit implementation and startup of the FPGAs. Special emphasis is placed on working on FPGA projects. For a successful implementation the designer is in need of a fundamental understanding of FPGA specific design techniques, appropriate functional inference using VHDL and the associated verification. Furthermore a basic understanding of the target technology is required. These topics are covered by this workshop. During the course of this class different design tasks, regularly found in the real world, are presented along with their solutions. Functionality as intended gets proven through simulation and by testing in real hardware (evaluation board).
A more thorough knowledge transfer is available through the PLC2 workshop “Professional FPGA”.

Including Xilinx evaluation board with example solutions.

Applicable technologies

  • FPGA technologies


  • none


16.01.2023 | Freiburg
01.03.2023 | Berlin
15.05.2023 | Munich

Duration & Fee

Duration: 2 days

Fee: 1,700.00 €
net per person including Xilinx evaluation board with sample solutions and detailed training material, beverages during breaks and lunch


Michael Schwarz