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Advanced Vivado-Tcl-Scripting

This workshop focuses on the advanced use of the VIVADO TCL Design Flow. Based on scripting, besides giving explicit control over files and directories created, this kind of design flow allows to automate processing of complete designs. That way an efficient and platform-independent Design Flow can be implemented and systematically modify, with traceability through revisions. Generally, the scripted Design Flow extends the options and techniques available in the GUI based Design Flow.
The workshop starts pointing out the differences between the “Project Based Flow” and the “Non-Project Based Flow”, including automatic creation of an initial script. This can then be used as a base for automating more complex processing, optionally extended by special tools.
After introducing the basics of the TCL integration, general data and control structures of TCL, like lists, loops, error-handling etc. willl be covered, including string processing and file handling.
Both of the latter may be necessary to control a later step of some non-trivial processing that depends on the results of a former step, for which the results have been saved in a report file. That way an FPGA Design may be automatically repeated trying modified strategies in turn, e.g. until some timing constraints are met (aka. “timing closure”). Developing these kind of scripts is another focus of this workshop.

Applicable technologies

  • All FPGA/SoC Technologies supported by VIVADO


  • Basic knowledge of the VIVADO Design Flow


Upon request

Duration & Fee

Duration: 3 days

Fee: 2,100.00 €
net per person including detailed training material, beverages during breaks and lunch


Michael Schwarz

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