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It’s time to convert your Spartan-6 into the Xilinx 7-Series cost optimized family!

The Xilinx cost optimized 7-Series family offers the widest range of options and features to help customers to be ready for future market requirements. In addition, the 7-Series family provides access to industry standard Vivado tools, IP integration and design methodology. PLC2 is THE partner for you to make the move to the Xilinx 7-Series - together we can meet the challenges of this migration.

Contact us NOW and we will support you in managing the Spartan-6 migration to the latest cost optimized 7-Series family.

Together, we can prepare your business for future market challenges using the latest technologies and tools. Simply book our online seminar “Spartan®-6 to 7-Series Migration” or one of many other courses about the Vivado tool flow or Xilinx device technologies. Our offer concerning training and design services includes the following topics:


  • Toolchains: ISE to Vivado Migration
  • Timing Constraints: UCF to XDC Conversion
  • Achieving Timing Closure
  • SW-Toolchains: EDK/SDK to Vivado/Vitis

Design Services

  • Support for Component Selection and Alternatives
  • Toolchain/Design Conversions from ISE
  • PCB re-design/Re-layout
  • VHDL Design
  • Microblaze Design Migration
  • 3rd Party IP evaluation/replacements
  • Conversion of Timing constrains and achieving Timing Closure
  • Assessment of Synthesis, Implementation, Timing, CDC, Power Estimation Reports
  • Testbenches, Test-Cases, Peripheral models and Validation reports

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Download the complete flyer about the Spartan®-6 to 7-Series Migration.

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New: Online seminar Spartan®-6 to 7-Series Migration

Many existing projects have been using Spartan-6 FPGAs. These projects are still valuable but may require some upgrades. The Spartan-7, Artix-7, Kintex-7, Virtex-7 or Zynq-7000 devices can offer more capabilities and lower power consumption. Since the introduction of the 7-Series devices, the upgrade to the more powerful Vivado is necessary. 

This online course session will cover the differences between the architectures, the process of toolchain migration
and the reusability of existing source code.

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