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High Performance Grabbing Solutions

We provide specialized products and solutions in a certain domain: Offloading engines, streamlined systems and IP cores for high-speed data capturing and data logging.

We have been working with our customers from trainings to design services and understand the needs and the voice of our customers. We are addressing their challenges in terms of bandwidths and on the fly compressions to reduce storage capacities. We provide offloading engines so that costly high performance PCs with high power consumption can be replaced by lower cost, streamlined PCs. The enormous benefit of the FPGA-based offloading is the low power consumption relative to graphics processors while providing higher acceleration factors, flexibility and configurability for specialized use cases.  

L5 (De-) Compression IP

The PLC2 Lightweight, Low Latency, Low Power & Lossless (L5) Compression IP is an image compression IP for FPGAs. It is packaged with Xilinx AXI-streaming interfaces to be seamlessly attached to existing image processing applications. 

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High performance data grabbing

The PLC2 Grabber Card PGC-1000 is a high-performance PCIe video acquisition card with up to 40 Gb Ethernet via a QSFP+ connector.

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