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Donation "Herzklopfen e.V."


This year our Christmas donation goes to Herzklopfen e.V.

Donation "Herzklopfen e.V."

This year, instead of Christmas presents, we took the decision to make a donation to a heart project in our home region. Herzklopfen e.V. is a self-help initiative founded in 1995 by parents with children who have different, mostly congenital, heart diseases and heart malformations.

Herzklopfen e.V. not only supports and informs affected parents and children, but also creates public awareness with its great work.

We salute the work that this initiative is constantly doing and gladly conclude with the words of the managing director Mrs. Petra Huth:

"Our heart beats when we are happy about our children,

our heart beats when we are afraid for them,

heartbeat gives us courage."


For more information, you can visit "Herzklopfen" e.V. here: