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Restful holidays and a happy new year!


Enjoy the holidays and here's to a great start in 2022!

Once again, an eventful and extraordinary year is coming to its close. We thank you for this year together and the trust you have placed in us.

Enjoy the holidays and the transition into 2022 in a relaxed atmosphere. We at PLC2 look forward to a new and promising training and business year with you.

We are ending this year with exciting outlooks into the year 2022. Full of pride we can present ourselves not only as a longtime ATP of Xilinx, but also as a Premier Design Services Partner. We are looking forward to many new trainings especially on the topics around the Spartan migration and the introduction on how to work with the Xilinx Kria SOM. And we look forward to partnering with you to shape your upcoming projects to your satisfaction.

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