long-term education FPGA-designer and FPGA-designer/embedded


new dates: From beginner to expert - only in 3 month!

PLC2 GmbH turns engineers and technicians into FPGA experts. Our three-month training program provides the know-how for the entire development process - part-time, alongside work. At the end of the course, the participants are able to develop FPGAs independently.

These are the following dates (8 appointments each):


FPGA Designer


07.-08. September  

15.-16. September

01.-02. October

12.-13. October

21.-22. October

04.-05. November

16.-17. November

25.-26. November


FPGA Designer/Embedded


05.-06. October

14.-15.  October

26.-27.  October

02.-03.  November

09.-10.  November

18.-19.  November

02.-03.  December

14.-15.  December


more infos about our long-term education are here or contact us directly.