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FPGA-Conference Europe 2021 gets digital again


Take advantage of the combined knowledge of top-class FPGA experts!


The FPGA-Conference Europe - Digital Conference

DATE: 06. - 08. JULY 2021

Three days, six tracks, packed with talks by top-class international experts - that's FPGA Conference Europe 2021. In addition, the event offers exciting keynotes and couch talks.  Those who register early have the chance to win a Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit from Xilinx.

FPGAs form the basis of many embedded developments. From energy-efficient smart vision solutions at the edge to powerful deep learning accelerators in the largest data centers, these flexible logic devices play a critical role in many applications.

But the pace of FPGA technology evolution is fast. Embedded developers need to think carefully about which solutions are right for them and how best to integrate them into their projects.

Top-class experts will provide assistance at the FPGA Conference Europe 2021 from July 6 to 8, 2021 - Europe's leading specialist conference for programmable logic devices and adaptable embedded solutions. A total of six tracks over three days are packed with presentations from top-class international speakers. They cover a broad spectrum from basic knowledge to specific implementation tips.

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Among the more than 50 top speakers are experts such as Baruch Mitsengendler from The MathWorks, Jim Lewis from SynthWorks Design and Stanislaw Klinke from EBV Elektronik, who will share their know-how with users. In addition, attendees can look forward to exciting keynotes from Ramine Roane of Xilinx, Dr. Michael Gude of Cologne Chip and Luis Murillo of Silexica.

Once again, there will be interesting couch talks in which experienced industry representatives will discuss current topics that are affecting the electronics industry - such as the current supply bottlenecks and artificial intelligence at the edge.

Due to Corona, this year's event will take place as an online event. On the new digital event conference platform, attendees can interact directly with the speakers, other attendees and conference partners in a user-friendly virtual exhibition area and find out in detail about solutions and possible applications.

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Our speakers are in a league of their own. You can take advantage of the combined knowledge of top-class FPGA experts. Get to know our ambassadors and the keynotes and lectures they are going to give! Have a closer look at some of the speeches our valued and experienced trainers are going to give.

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