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25 years PLC2 - it's our birthday


On July 1, 2020 PLC2 is celebrating its 25 years anniversary.

In 1995 Eugen Krassin and his wife Andrea Krassin founded the engineering office Dipl.Ing. Eugen Krassin PLC2. The FPGA technology made rapid progress and FPGAs were more and more accepted in the industry. Consequently, the demand for developers with FPGA knowledge increased. 

In about the same period Xilinx started to build up its ATP (Authorized Training Partner) program. PLC2 then became the world's first ATP from Xilinx.  

As FPGAs became more powerful, this technology opened up new areas and markets, its importance grew ever since, and so did the engineering office. From initially only a few training courses, PLC2 has developed numerous new training courses within a very short time.  

In order to support further business development, the number of employees was regularly enlarged. In 2001 the new company building in Freiburg-Opfingen was constructed.  

The strongly increased sales figures led to a change of the registered status. Since 2007 the successor company of the engineering office is PLC2 GmbH.  

From the initial four training courses, today more than 80 trainings in the field of FPGAs have been developed. Many new concepts, ideas and brand names have been incorporated into the new and further development of the courses (Power Workshop, EasyStart, Shorties and many more). PLC2 GmbH has also distinguished itself over the years as an organizer of seminars and technical congresses.   

In the year 2015 the next generation took over. Two years later the service company PLC2 Design was founded to develop the best possible designs for customers. This was followed by the foundation of the joint venture Aristos GmbH. In 2019 PLC2 Design received funding from the program "Spitze auf dem Land - Technologieführer für Baden-Württemberg". To meet the needs of the Swiss market, PLC2 Suisse GmbH was founded in the same year.  

In addition to the two business units of professional training and customer-specific project development in the embedded market, the company is increasingly focusing on the creation of its own products. The focus here is on the development of high-performance video grabbing and data logger solutions.  

Currently, the new construction of a second company building in Endingen is another cornerstone for the future in order to be a part of the leading companies in the industry.