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We convince with our performances

Designs developed competently

Flexible, dynamic, individual: Your specific design project determines our workflow. You will receive support from us in every project phase.

Our experts are there right from the beginning or enter as needed. You can use our know-how at short notice or over many years. As “fire extinguishers”, members of our E-Team will be on site within a few days - if, for example, important designs for your international trade fair presence are not yet available. But even a “fire” is about sustainable solutions for us. Because that’s what we understand by: Designs developed competently.

Your design is different from that of others. Because you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out. That is why our E-Team pays close attention to every detail in our partnership-based collaboration with you. Where can the nuances be integrated with the latest technologies? Which features are distinctive characteristics for you? We take over the management of a project or support your employees. It will be as you wish.

Further, after the project is completed, we are personally available to you by e-mail or phone for any questions you may have.

Premier Design Partnership


Steffen Zimmermann
General Manager - PLC2 Design

Kria Robotics

We are proud that AMD Xilinx has once again awarded us with their trust: For decades PLC2 has already been one of AMD Xilinx's top ATPs (Authorized Training Provider), in 2021 the Premier Design Partnership was added and now the third step follows. We are the world's only AMD Design Service Partner for the field of robotics. Our technical experts bring over ten years of experience with ROS/ROS 2 and Open CV for ADAS, autonomous driving, and mapping. We are also specialized in feature detection, description, stereo processing, and AI.

Numerous webinars and seminars on robotics enable a knowledge transfer from our specialists to all interested persons. A selection of our suitable courses:

Introduction into ROS Video Application Acceleration using Kria SOM and Vitis Tools Introduction to AI Applications using Kria SoM

Kria Vision AI

PLC2 has already successfully completed first projects and integrations based on the Kria SOM for Vision and AI, but also for industrial applications. One of the various use cases will show you the AI Inference Acceleration with Kria KV260 as custom specific technology demonstrator.

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Automated Test Enviroment

Creating Automatic Validations Systems in Simulation and in real Hardware 

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Open AMP

OpenAMP is an open source framework with for inter processor communication to develop applications for asymmetric multiprocessor systems.

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We support you in the following areas (among others):

  • FPGA-Design
  • FPGA-Verification
  • Embedded Software
  • Embedded Linux
  • Highspeed Design
  • Signal & Image Processing
  • Continuous Integration with GitLab
  • IoT and Industrie 4.0