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FPGA Logic Design Engineer


PLC2 Design with its main office in Freiburg, is a midsize company based with focus on custom developments and development of own solutions for various fields, like automotive, avionic and industry. Within this context we develop full solutions, from concept and specification, to FPGA logic design with VHDL and HLS, up to OS selection and building and SW application until the lifecycle management and release management including the production planning. Due to our continued growth, customer demands and upcoming national and international research opportunities we are currently looking for a qualified and short-dated available developer for an opportunity located in Frankfurt/Main and Endingen a. K., Germany.

As a FPGA engineer you are responsible for the design and implementation of algorithms on reconfigurable hardware. You shall be responsible for the estimation, design, implementation and testing of all assigned tasks within short-term iterations. Furthermore you will use the latest technologies, tools and practices to successful deliver applications to our global customer base. The role requires a person who can work collaboratively with a young, creative team, in an agile software development environment and feels comfortable in developing and testing complex algorithms realized in hardware description languages.

Want to join us? We want to meet you.

Please send your CV and a short (<1 page) motivation letter via email to jobs@plc2.de


  • Design and implement high-performance, concurrent and time-critical hardware architectures
  • Develop and simulate models for logic circuits such as FPGAs using VHDL and HLS
  • Analyse, specify and structure system requirements
  • Research, test and integrate reliable and cost-efficient hardware components
  • Create documentations and schematics for systems
  • Define interfaces of system elements and ensure their consistency
  • Develop and perform module, system-integration and qualification tests
  • Develop solutions that meet the requirements of our teams and projects
  • Be up to date with the state of the art in computer vision and AI and apply knowledge to our


A great FPGA engineer at PLC2 Design can’t be defined. Due to the fact that everyone is different there is more than one way to get the work done. But to be successful in this role, we have this kind of profile in mind:

  • Master's degree or Diploma in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software
    Engineering or other relevant field of study
  • Excellent knowledge of FPGAs
  • Experience with FPGA SoCs
  • Excellent knowledge in VHDL and HLS
  • Fundamental-level proficiency in Linux environment
  • Experience designing and building sophisticated software, leveraging complex data
    structures, optimized for performance and real-time capabilities
  • Knowledge of version control software such as Git
  • Experience with release management and testing
  • Self-motivated, team-oriented and organized


  • Knowledge of latest AI and computer vision concepts and deployment in FPGAs
  • Experience with image processing pipelines
  • Experience with field bus systems
  • Experience with uboot and Linux drivers
  • Experience developing with C++ and python is a plus
  • Knowledge of shell scripting
  • Knowledge of ROS/ROS2


Our company's culture is coined by flat hierarchies and mutual respect. We are a diverse and
talented team who is motivated by the will to make a change. Our goal is to establish new
technologies in those real-life applications where they add extra value. Mistakes happen to help us
to improve. Our processes should be designed to prevent repeated mistakes and learn from them as
a team. Our customers are partners. We work together on big, long-time oriented projects and help
each other to succeed.



  • Individual on-the-job training
  • Continuing education through PLC2 Training catalog
  • Participation in field related conferences


We want to meet you.

Please send your CV and a short (<1 page) motivation letter via email to jobs@plc2.de


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